Goa Burning!

Goa Tourism has a serious problem and it is in the air!

I go to Goa very frequently. Several times a year and have been doing that for the last 25 years.

Goa has changed a lot in this time. The Russian and North Indian tourists have greatly changed the character of Goa. Some people dislike it but most don’t mind. I am indifferent.

However, the biggest risk to Goan tourism in my view is its garbage burning problem.

Almost everywhere in Goa, people burn garbage everyday at street corners and other places.

The acrid smell of the smoke from burning garbage is everywhere in the evenings.

This is not just a problem of pollution by particulate matter. Because the garbage includes plastics, there are toxic dioxins as well.

Goa must clamp down heavily on this problem and increase the effectiveness of its waste collection infrastructure. Else it risks chasing away health conscious tourists.