Sholay and Pyaasa will be reborn in 2025

Technologies to create professional grade content are rapidly becoming ubiquitous and easy to use.

Take the example of the ability to take high quality photos and apply a range of effects on them. Anyone with a high end phone can do it now. You needed a studio with expensive software and a highly skilled person to do that just 15 years ago.

What about movies? Look at the amazing number of amateur produced, professional quality videos on YouTube! And so many of them now made with hand held phone cameras. An amateur with a handheld camera and video editing software on their computer can now create a recipe video which is just as good as something in Masterchef Australia. And that 3 minute video does not cost ten thousand dollars to produce. It can be done for as low as a hundred dollars.

What next? I will argue it’s the creation of virtual worlds that are indistinguishable from the real. Whether it is used for creating movies or games.

Within the next 5-6 years we will have inexpensive tools available off the cloud, which will make it possible for any amateur to create vast and complex virtual worlds, characters, voices, music and more and stitch them together to tell a story – into a movie or an interactive game.

Stuff that costs millions of dollars today to make for a Twentieth Century Fox or Yash Chopra Films or an Electronic Arts. This will be done by talented amateurs and created without any live actors, from the comfort of their bedroom desks.

Sholay, Pyaasa and other such movies will be remade. With the same actors. Young actors. In any period set of the producers choosing. In color. They will be better than the classics. They will be better than the originals. And nobody will be able to make out that they are artificial creations and computer generated characters and sets. They will be indistinguishable from the real.

This is not decades away. The first such movies will be available within 5 years. Some great tools are already there.