Are you doing donkey work?


There are only four reasons I can think of, for people in corporate India routinely working longer than typical office hours.

1. You love your job and take on much more work
2. You don’t love your job and take on much more work
3. You are given much more work
4. You either think or you pretend that you have much more work

In the first case, congratulations! It’s a great place to be in. Do make time for yourself too. It will enhance your ability to work better, which is what you would love to do anyway.

In the second case, you are in the wrong job. Your employer or your manager is an exploitative jerk. Get out of there.

The third case is the same as the second. But then this could also be because you are the sucker who can be depended on to be a dumb mule.

The fourth situation is unfortunately the most common in corporate India. I would think over 80 percent of employees who work long hours belong in this category. It’s simply a case of low productivity.

The work could be done in 4 hours if these workers worked smart instead of hard (long hours).

Often it’s a problem of the environment. Too many time wasters all around you. Distractions, useless meetings, unnecessary documentation, excessive and totally unnecessary email communication and more.

It is also often about you. Your priorities at work. Your focus areas. How you allocate your time to these. Your ability to say NO. Your social media habits…